Senior Living

Senior living in St. Joseph (the emphasis is on living)

Active living for seniors in St. Joseph is definitely … active. Our independent senior living, home health and assisted living options combine community spirit with care that’s customized for each individual. From new construction, single-level duplexes and homes just steps from the paved Parkway trail, to multi-level apartment-style options, seniors in St. Joseph can choose what works best for them. Established home health and assisted living providers are there every step of the way as needs change. Our senior center, service organizations and clubs mean every day is a good day to spend quality time with old and new friends. Transportation services and award-winning healthcare are just minutes away, leaving seniors free to focus on enjoying the moments they choose.

Living Community of St. Joseph’s uniqueness can be attributed to the uncommon character of its residents. Doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, business owners and others from all walks of life helped mold the successes and experiences many of us enjoy today in our community. Their memories of a thriving downtown, the Junior College, Lake Contrary, dances at the Frog Hop Ballroom and living at the YWCA are examples of the past that helped move us to where we are at the present. And I’m happy that our residents continue to contribute to the city they love.

Peggy Evans