Health Care

Focused on Wellness for a Thriving, Engaged City

In St. Joseph, we focus on health care from a collaborative, “big picture” view. Our health care resources keep families physically and mentally well through disease prevention, disease treatment and healthy choices. We know this is a team effort, and we work to build civic engagement and interest in a healthy community. The results? Education, economic development and individual empowerment are all growing. From Mosaic Life Care — a Mayo Clinic Care Network and selected as one of “100 Top Hospitals” — to comprehensive mental health care through Family Guidance Center and others, St. Joseph has an uncommon commitment to total wellness and quality health services.

It’s wonderful to find such skilled physicians and specialists in a smaller city. The technology and expertise are what you’d expect from a larger location, but you also get the personalized care at every step. When unique needs arise, our doctors can work collaboratively with KU Medical Center, Children’s Mercy and North Kansas City because they’re all nearby.

– Anonymous