Cost of Living

Enjoy the good life at a surprisingly moderate price.

Get ready for a surprise — the really good kind. St. Joseph’s cost of living is 6% percent below the national average, but you’ll find amenities and opportunities far above anything “average.” In fact, we offer a nationally-recognized community theater program; a university; a downtown district in the middle of a resurgence and miles upon miles of paved parkway trails. Did we mention you’ll also find eclectic restaurants, outstanding historic architecture and a hotspot for emerging areas of technology, like agricultural science? St. Joseph is always an unexpected surprise for its cost of living (and cost of doing business) without sacrificing the good stuff.

Cost of living Compared to nearby cities

  • 4.3% lower than Kansas City, Mo
  • 4.7% lower than Gladstone, Mo
  • 7% lower than Blue Springs, Mo
  • 7.6% lower than Platte City, Mo
  • 12.9% lower than Lenexa, Kan
  • 14% lower than Overland Park, Kan

Cost of living is also lower compared to regional cities

  • 11.40% lower than Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
  • 24.80% lower than Chicago, Illinois
  • 5.20% lower than Dallas, Texas

Cost of Living Categories

  • Overall 6.10% lower than national average
  • Housing 11.30%
  • Groceries 5.10%
  • Utilities 3.00%
  • Transportation 2.70%
  • Health Care 11.80%
  • Miscellaneous 3.50%