Here Comes the Sun … A Lot.

Looking for bright mornings, clear days and brilliant sunsets? St. Joseph, Mo., averages 219 sunny days per year. The July high is around 88 degrees – perfect for hiking along the Missouri River bluffs or catching a Mustangs baseball game. The January low is 18, with only moderate amounts of winter precipitation (meaning St. Joseph residents stay out and about nearly all year long). We’ve got four separate seasons to enjoy, with brilliant fall colors along the Parkway and an explosion of spring color along scenic drives like historic Lovers Lane. (In other words, we’re well-suited for all types of weather enthusiasts. And well-suited for people who enjoy variety in their weather patterns).



We Prefer to Say Delightfully Average. And Quite Interesting.

Climate Data – St. Joseph, MO (1981 – 2010) Climate Data - St. Joseph, MO (1981 - 2010)

How do we describe our average temps? From power walkers to concert goers, sledders, sports enthusiasts and flea marketers, our temps are delightfully average across many months. We’re quite pleased to report acceptable temps throughout the year … with nothing too extreme on the hot or the cold side, most of the time. We also really like the variety of weather we can receive from week to week. (Most of the time.)

Living here in the center of the Midwest, we get a lot of interesting variety across our weather patterns. We can enjoy everything weather offers … hiking, sports, winter activities, fall leaves, water activities … you name it. The weather is never dull, but it’s also not too far on the extreme side, so there’s always a way to enjoy something in St. Joe.

Luke McCoy, Assistant Principal, Benton High School