Together, we keep safety a top priority

Safety in St. Joseph is a top priority and it has been for decades. Why? Because many of our families have called the region home for years … and we tend to look out for each other. Established neighborhood watches and volunteer initiatives reflect this commitment. Our city police and law enforcement teams are dedicated and vigilant (take a look at some of their awards and recognitions). In many neighborhoods, like Stonecrest, Wilshire, Greystone and East Hills Estates, you can take a family walk and focus on the beauty around you. At Missouri Western State University, students enjoy a full spectrum of security. In 2016, St. Joseph data showed numbers of theft, robbery and vandalism declining from the previous year.

Youth Learn Safety First Habits

Across St. Joseph, we’re building a generation of youth that are proactive in helping increase safe behaviors. It starts with Safety Town, a program hosted by the St. Joseph Safety and Health Council. Safety Town spans two weeks per session and teaches children about topics including bike safety, poison safety and stranger interaction. Teens participate in civic engagement activities through organizations like the Heartland Foundation’s emPowerU, gaining understanding of the root causes of conflict and how to be leaders in their own schools and neighborhoods.