Housing and Neighborhoods

Roofs, Rooms, Relaxation, and Recreation

What looks like home to you? Downtown loft apartment? Family-friendly subdivision? Quiet country, easy condo or historic charmer? Whatever your style, St. Joseph has unlimited open doors. Locals and visitors often comment on our diverse and unique living options, all within a convenient drive to Kansas City … and within a surprisingly moderate price range. Our list of experienced realtors and rental companies can help you get into something exactly your style, from modern apartment complexes and duplexes or lofts, to quaint, established neighborhood homes and new construction must-haves.

I chose St. Joe for the affordable cost of living and to keep low overhead for my business. I also love the arts, music and small town atmosphere from all the business owners who open successful, independent businesses around town. Plus, the historic houses here are one of a kind that you’ll never find anywhere else. The city is a beautifully-preserved museum in some parts.

Seth Campbell, Campbell Talent Access, professional musician and Realtor