St. Jo Frontier Casino

August 30, 2017

Written by Emmaleigh Zahnd | Photos by Patrick Evenson and St. Jo Frontier Casino


DEFINITION: Having unexpected good fortune; favorable; believed to bring good luck.

Jangling coins being pulled out of pockets, music playing in the background, laughter bursting randomly around the room like prairie popcorn in a hot kettle … and the quiet seriousness of a poker game being played as the sun sets over the riverbed …

Games of chance and dining establishments have been a part of St. Joseph, Missouri’s uncommon character since the earliest settlers gathered to let off some steam and gamble on optimistic odds. Their grueling lives without today’s conveniences spent building a thriving economy were collectively rewarded with the fortune of a growing diverse community … and, for some, an occasional great hand of cards.

Although it has no formal ties to pioneer era establishments, St. Jo Frontier Casino has charmed the city since 1993, becoming one of the first of four modern day riverboat casinos in Missouri. It sparkles inside and out with the bright lights and color you’d expect in a large casino complex, but it is unique with a bit of the legendary western spirit whispering to guests in the murals and wall hangings that herald the local heros of times past. The uncommon characters include everything from covered wagon trains to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows and the Pony Express.

Over its nearly 25 years, St. Jo Frontier Casino has changed names, locations along the riverbank, owners and exterior and interior design. However, one element has held true – the engaging small town everybody-knows-your-name kind of feeling is still evident.

Roxanne Miller, Regional Director of Marketing for Missouri, shared, “At St. Jo, we are a hometown casino.”

The aromas greeting visitors at the front door certainly make one feel at home. Winners Bar and Grill, located near the entrance and overlooking the Mighty Mo, is a pleasant place for families to gather for waterside dining.

“We’re lucky to have such a great restaurant on the river in St. Joseph,” said a recent patron who drives in from one of St. Joseph’s many surrounding rural communities. “I believe it is the only place in town next to the water to grab a quick bite or sit and relax over dinner and drinks.”

St. Joseph is fortunate to have a clean, comfortable, and spacious setting to catch the river sunset while eating a delicious meal, holding a special event, or before a concert. Many residents and visitors also consider themselves lucky to have newly upgraded gaming entertainment in abundance on a floor recently renovated to the highest industry standards. Jackpot winners, especially, are fans!

Another patron said, “We don’t have to drive to Kansas City, or Las Vegas, or Deadwood, S.D., to find a great casino to spend a day or evening.”

St. Jo Frontier Casino has more than just tasteful food and entertainment. If offers a wide variety of employment to more than 200 associates filling positions in gaming, food and beverage, guest services and support operations.

“We are a stable business that provides great opportunities for growth and advancement,” said Roxanne.

St. Jo Frontier Casino is a big advocate for giving back to the community that gives them so much — how lucky is that? Some of its local support uplifts the Alzheimer’s Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hillcrest Transitional Housing, YWCA Women of Excellence and several more, including the St. Joseph Community Branding Initiative.

Side to side, up and down or spinning … anyway you look at it there is a great relationship between the community of St. Joseph and St. Jo Frontier Casino.

Sitting next to the river enjoying a meal with loved ones is a great way to appreciate how lucky we are to be enjoying this “Frontier” over the struggling lives of yesteryear’s pioneers. St. Jo Frontier Casino is a place everyone can enjoy … just follow the river.


What started 160 years ago has returned in a new way. Ask hundreds of customers and visitors, and they’ll say it’s right on time.


America’s favorite pastime is alive in St. Joseph…every summer families, friends, and neighbors gather together to enjoy baseball, hot dogs, family fun, fireworks, and more in the heart of St. Joseph to relax and watch the Mustangs play ball at the historic Phil Welch Stadium.


The drive throughout downtown has become more colorful in the last five years, thanks to the creation of larger than life murals that convey the unique spirit of St. Joseph.


Following formal distribution of the locally-filmed movie “Christmas at the Chateau” in 2019, it’s likely that many watching from home will say “Where did they film this? This place is amazing.”


What does it take to become a local legend in sandwich-making? The recipe calls for a family history of food know-how, plus a generous amount of business savvy.