D and G Brew Haus

November 16, 2022


DEFINITION: expressing good wishes before drinking.

If hearing Selena makes you long for a juicy tenderloin, or if Johnny Cash has always been synonymous with a classic cheeseburger, it may be due to the local influence of D&G Pub & Brew Haus.

The brewery, restaurant and bar featuring live music is located at 1918 Frederick. It not only welcomes guests for uniquely-named and tasty menu options, but has become a fixture in the community with support for organizations like the Friends of the Animal Shelter and the recent Bluffwoods Renaissance Festival.

And no matter what you’re celebrating, you can head to D&G Pub & Brew Haus, because they are open 365 days a year with seasonal menu options to make the most of your festivities.

Local Brews

The latest fun at D&G Pub & Brew Haus is their new line of in-house beers, debuted to the public in August of 2022. And it all started in a five-gallon bucket.

That’s how pub owner Steve Grimes first experimented with brewing 20 years ago when he was living in Georgia. While he has fond memories of his first attempts, his newest creations are a bit more technically advanced.

With help from River Bluff Brewing Company, Grimes has been learning how to brew on a bigger scale and get the recipes brewed to perfection. And it’s helping scratch an itch to brew his own beer that’s been there since Steve and his wife Christina opened D&G Pub & Brew Haus.

Naming Rights

In classic D&G style, Grimes is turning the naming rights over to locals. For each new brew recipe released, the pub invites customers to participate in a contest to choose a name. The brew must be named for a rock-and-roll legend or one of their songs and capture the mood of the recipe.

For instance, a light lager called “Blinded by the Light” appears on the brew menu alongside a sunshine wheat called “Yellow Submarine.” And if you’re looking for an IPA, try the “Unskinny Hop.”

When you visit, you’ll have to decide which in-house brew pairs best with your Bob Marley wings, cinnamon sugar Buddy Holly pretzel bites or the Stevie Ray Vaughan, a pulled-pork sandwich served open-faced on Texas toast.

Make the most of your weekend with a visit to D&G Pub & Brew Haus, timed to catch one of the bands frequently appearing at the pub as part of a tour, such as the Ratchet Dolls or Modern Mimes. Visit D&G Pub & Brew Haus on Facebook to access their regular and seasonal menus, as well as check out what’s on tap for brews and music.

As you already know, Uncommon Character is about all of us; it’s about all of our quirky, comfy and fun possibilities that connect us to our past and our future in St. Joseph. In that spirit, we say “cheers” to the historic D&G Pub, and all our local establishments who keep us fed and entertained.


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