Homeschool K-12

Get to Know St. Joseph’s Home School Networks and Resources

Homeschool educational resources and networks are strong in St. Joseph, across every age of student. There are weekly activities and co-ops, and many parents attend area curriculum workshops year-round. Many families compete in athletics, arts, music and theater programs and electives courses like Chess club. A growing list of  businesses in our community support homeschooling by offering learning experiences and group discounts. If your family chooses homeschooling, you’ll find an ever-expanding community alongside you — with activities overlapping across homeschool groups in north Kansas City and nearby Platte County.

Connect to support resources, newsletters, information about curriculum and school law at the St. Joseph Home School website. There’s also a forum to connect with the Home School ListServ, Sponsored by Missouri Western State University. A frequently-updated calendar of St. Joseph-area events is available at The Connected Homeschool, as well as many educational resources, a forum and a kid’s area. You can also find information there about regional groups (Northland KC, Platte County and more) and area Enrichment Classes, offered each semester. Families with pre-teens and teens (or all ages) can engage in the Classical Conversations program. Several other activities in the region are available, including set times for group physical education with education students at MWSU.

St Joe is a good place to home school. If we are going somewhere, we can easily take our school on the go. There are some really cool spots to do our work, like Krug Park. Sometimes we go to Science City in KC for school. I can even take some school work to the ice skating rink.  Being homeschooled lets me fit in more hours at the skating rink. We’ve had lots of adventures here in St. Joseph!

Genevieve, Age 10, and member of St. Joseph Figure Skating Club