Public K-12

Lifelong Learning, Quality and Partnerships

From early childhood education to high school and beyond, the St. Joseph School District is dedicated to quality education for lifelong learners. It offers several award-winning schools, state-recognized teachers and hands-on programs across the city. In the spirit of community partnership, you’ll find connections and collaborations with St. Joseph students across area universities and educational resources. Working together with Hillyard Technical Center, many students pursue careers in top fields even before high school graduation — such as engineering and health sciences. Innovative programs over student breaks (such as marine biology experiences and STEAM classes) help keep students on the forefront.

The St. Joseph Public School District serves more than 12,000 students. The teacher to student ratio is 1 to 18, and more than 50 percent of educators have a master’s degree. The current high school graduation rate of 88.6 percent; higher than the Missouri state high school graduation rate of 85.7 percent.

Known among the state as having one of the strongest and most sophisticated technology programs, with a fiber-optic network running through each school in the district and many one-to-one schools (each student has access to a laptop or tablet for learning). With honors classes, dual credit courses and an International Baccalaureate program, many students can enter college with existing credit.